QuaQua is the world’s first platform that integrates 360° Virtual Reality content for travel and tourism industry. Our objective is to deliver real and immersive end to end travel experiences through storytelling, that inspires people to travel.
Our platform: -
  1. Showcases 360°/VR/AR travel experiences/stories (Videos, Images and Blogs).
  2. For each location on the map, integrates Metadata, Content, Information, Travel ecosystem and Travel Options.
  3. Enables travel e-commerce (attraction, activity & events) by providing best and cheapest travel options
Signing up with QuaQua - ‘the world’s first virtual travel platform’ will give you global visibility. Become our partner in changing the way people look at travel experience and giving the world something that they haven’t experienced ever. It will also help you meet like-minded people who share the same passion and zeal for changing the way people look at travel, just like you. So, the question should be, why not!
An opportunity to showcase your content as a storyteller and change the travel experience for the world and inspire the world to travel. Once you allow us to use your content, we add fun facts, trivia and engaging stories in the form of layers. The experience is then published on our platform, while giving you due credits. Also, a clickable link is provided to redirect to your own website and social connections.
QuaQua augments your content by adding multiple layers with information and engaging with interactive signature features to deliver real and immersive experiences through storytelling. The experience is then shared on our platform providing you due credits and a link to your profile for our global users.
We understand the hard work and dedication that goes in creating a content and we do not want to take false credits for it. Our inputs will remain a collaboration and your raw content will always remain your baby. For more information go through our privacy policy.
We would love to have your ideas, inputs and suggestions. You can get in touch with our creative team and work closely with them and help us add your flavor in storytelling.
No!!! It’s totally free. 😊
QuaQua Experiences is a startup and is not earning profits as of now. But stay tuned as the day we start earning dollars we are going to share it with our associates too. And trust us, rewards are coming real soon.
That moment is not going to come. But just in case that happens, don’t sweat. We would reach out to you and try to work it out and no matter what content is always going to remain with you.
We would love to get in touch with you and grow our family. Drop a mail to info@quaqua.com
We feature our Top 5 associate experiences on our home page every month. This is based on number of views and shares. So, stay tuned to see your name the moment you land on the home page.
Awesome!! It’s very easy to sign up with QuaQua. All you need is an e-mail address and a password. Visit-https://associate.quaqua.com and click on register button. Once you are signed up, update your details for validation and start uploading content.
Being the world’s first virtual travel platform, we work with 360˚ spherical videos and 360˚ spherical panorama.
    Standardization parameters
  • Resolution- 4K(3840x1920), 6K (6144x3072) & 8K (7680×4320)
  • 360˚ Image Format – .jpeg / .png
  • 360˚ Video Format- MP4 format
  • Video Codec - .H264
  • Audio Codec – .mp3 or .aac
  • Aspect Ratio - 2:1 ratio spherical video